Anticon® Gold StandardWeight™ Polyester Wipes, Dry Knitted

Size: 6" * 6"
Sale price$702.00


Contec’s Anticon® Gold StandardWeight wipes are made from 100% continuous filament polyester with a double-knit no-run interlock construction. The proprietary sealed edges reduces the amount of fibers released from the wipe. The wipes are cleanroom laundered and packed in a class 4 cleanroom and exhibit very low particle and fiber counts, helping to minimize contamination. These wipes are ideal for use in the most critical of cleanroom environments. The lighter basis weight provides superior value for general cleaning applications.

Using patented textile technology Anticon Gold StandardWeight wipes achieve superior capacity with a quick sorption rate. Ideal for disinfectant and solvent application and wiping to dry. Contec’s Anticon Gold HeavyWeight wipes are the same substrate as Anticon 100 StandardWeight wipes but with sealed edges.

  • Recommended for ISO Class 3-8 environments
  • Sealed edges reduce particle and fiber generation
  • Lighter basis weight provides superior value for general cleaning applications
  • Low sub-micron particles and fiber counts leaving less behind on surfaces Available with Particle Attraction Technology (P.A.T.) which traps 35 time more particles
  • High sorptive capacity and fast adsorption rate for superior spill control

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