Anticon 100® HeavyWeight™ Polyester Wipes, Dry Knitted

Size: 14" * 18"
Sale price$752.00


Contec’s Anticon 100® HeavyWeight wipes are made from 100% continuous filament polyester with a double-knit no-run interlock construction. The clean cut edges create a very soft wipe, where the whole of the wipe fabric can be used with no risk of scratching. The wipes are cleanroom laundered and packed in a class 4 cleanroom and exhibit very low particle and fiber counts for a knife cut wipe helping to minimize contamination. Using patented textile technology, Anticon 100 HeavyWeight wipes achieve superior capacity with a quick sorption rate. Ideal for disinfectant and solvent application and wiping to dry. A sterile version is also available. Contec’s Anticon 100 HeavyWeight wipes are the same substrate as Anticon Gold HeavyWeight wipes but with cut edges.

  • Recommended for ISO Class 5-8 environments
  • Manufactured from 100% continuous filament polyester in a no-run interlock knit construction
  • Patented textile technology creates a polyester wipe with high sorbency
  • Laundered and packed in a Class 4 cleanroom, with knife cut edge Lowest fibers and particles available for a cut edge wipe reduces risk of contamination
  • High sorptive capacity decreases the number of wipes required making it an excellent choice for wiping and absorbing spills in critical cleanroom environments

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