BioClean-C Sleeve Covers – Sterile, Gamma Irradiation

Sale price$1,500.00


  • Optimized protection:  BioClean™ chemotherapy-protective sleeve covers are specially developed to protect against a range of chemotherapy drugs, with ultrasonically bonded seams and protective tape, for added security
  • Guaranteed cleanliness: These chemotherapy-protective sleeves are constructed from sterile CleanTough material that is lightweight and low-linting
  • Assured barrier protection: BioClean-C™ chemotherapy-protective sleeve covers have been tested against ASTM F739-12 permeation standards
  • Maximized practicality: These one-size-fits-all sterile sleeve covers are tailored for quick and simple donning
  • Reduced contamination risks: They are specially packaged to eliminate cross contamination and sterilized using gamma irradiation to yield a minimum SAL of 10-6
  • Universal Size
  • Sterile Chemotherapy Protective Sleeve Covers
  • Ultrasonically bonded seam: For sleeve covers that deliver a secure fit
  • Lightweight, low-linting CleanTough fabric: Comfort and durability
  • ASTM F739-12 compliance: For assured permeation protection
  • Packaging: 90 pairs

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