Contec® 99% IPA, Non-sterile USP grade isopropanol

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Contec Isopropanol contains USP grade isopropanol (IPA). Filtered to 0.2μm, bottles are double bagged to assure product quality. Each bottle has a lot number code and expiration date for easy record keeping.

Each leakproof bottle is induction sealed and capped to eliminate the occurrence of leakage during shipping.

Product applications include surface cleaning, wiping gloved hands in sterile suites or during gowning, and wiping down products and equipment for pass through to controlled environments.

  • Contains USP grade isopropanol which evaporates and leaves extremely low residues
  • Filtered through 0.2 micron in-line filter eliminates the need for in-house filtration and meets USP grade purified water
  • Non-sterile USP grade Isopropanol
  • 1 gallon (3.8L)
  • Packaging: 4/case

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