Contec HydroKlean Solution, Sterile Filled, 34 oz (1L)

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Intended for sterile areas; suitable for use in Grade A or Grade B areas, as well as on product-contact surfaces because it is blended with WFI.

  • Sterile fill low endotoxin cleaner with hydrogen peroxide
  • Trigger Spray Bottle
  • Contec HydroKlean is a blend of 6% hydrogen peroxide and water for injection in a 17 oz  (0.5L) and 34 oz (1L) bottle with installed trigger sprayer as well as a 170 oz (5L) capped container
  • Hydrogen peroxide is not classed as corrosive and can be used safely in all areas of a cleanroom
  • The product is 0.2μm filtered and sterile filled into pre-irradiated containers under Grade A unidirectional airflow and bagged in a Grade B/ ISO Class 5 cleanroom
  • Packaging: 6/case
  • 34 oz (1 L)

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