EasyReach Contec Isolator Mop Pads (Dry Sterile)

Sale price$244.00


  • Designed to Clean Isolators, Laminar Air Flood Hoods, Cabinets, Glove, Boxes, Equipment and Other Confined Spaces
  • Variety of Sterile, Dry and Presaturated Disposbale Options
  • Well-Fitted Quitled Polyester Pads Ensure Effective, Even Surface Coverage Reducing the number of Viable and Non-Viable Contaminants,Ensuring Maximum Residue Removal
  • Double Bagged, Laundered, Single-Use Pads Ensure No Bioburden is Added to the Critical Environment
  • Package Sizes are Optimized for Single Use Minimizing Waste
  • Packaging: 60/case

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