EasyReach Stainless Steel One-Piece Lay Flat Frame

Sale price$215.00


EasyReach™ Cleaning System consists of a lightweight stainless steel 1 piece cleaning tool and interchangeable disposable and absorbant cleaning pads that provide effective cleaning and disinfection in hard to reach areas.

Passes easily through transfer hatches, requires no assembly and is maintenance-free. Contec™ EasyReach™ Cleaning System is ideal for isolators, cabinets, laminar air-flow hoods, glove boxes and other mini environments.

  • Rectangular shape makes overlapping straight-line action easy to achieve
  • Low profile 360° pivoting head allows quick easy access to awkward areas
  • Hinged joint and lightweight design
  • Easy grab edge on the cleaning pad ensures pad fits tightly on the mop head frame; easy to replace with gloved hands
  • Small pack quantities are optimized for single session use
  • Well-fitted quilted polyester pad ensures effective, even surface coverage, reducing the number of viable and non-viable contaminants and ensuring maximum residue removal
  • Sorbent double layer Quiltec™ sealed-edge pads ensure particles and fibers are minimized
  • Cleaning pads available pre-saturated with 70% IPA
  • 16.5″ – Packaging: 1/ea

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