Enviroguard SMS Soft Scrubs Denim Blue Long Sleeve Shirt , Elastic Wrist

Size: Small
Sale price$83.00


SMS Soft Scrub long sleeve shirts offer the comfort and safety you need to work long hours. These incredibly soft shirts offer modesty with complete “no show through” coverage. Shirts can easily be worn as a protective undergarment beneath a sterile gown. After each use, you can quickly and easily dispose of these shirts to help reduce the spread of germs, bioburdens, and other contagions. A round hemmed neck comfortably lays flat while a left chest pocket allows you to store eyeglasses, small instruments, pens, and more while you’re on the go. Possible use areas include pharmaceuticals, labs, healthcare, controlled environments, and more.

  • Anti-static fabric is made of an opaque material that doesn’t show through and resists abrasions
  • Disposable – helps reduce spread of germs, bioburdens, or contagions
  • Convenient, fabric loop for easily hanging up clothing
  • Elastic wrists stretch to provide snug, secure fit
  • Left chest pocket for storage of items such as pens, eyeglass, and small instruments
  • Packaging: 30/case

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