MicroGuard CE®, Clean Processed Microporous Sleeves, 18″ Length,

Sale price$239.56


Microporous, clean processed sleeves offer the perfect balance of safety and comfort. The fabric keeps dust and liquids out while allowing air to flow freely, so your arms stay cool as you put in a hard day’s work. These sleeves are ideal for nonhazardous work environments where you need reliable liquid and particulate protection. Sleeves are designed with tunnelized elastic to offer a more secure closure, stronger seams, and the elimination of raw edges that may generate unwanted particulates. Each sleeve is individually packaged to help prevent cross-contamination.

  • Elastic closures on both ends of sleeves for snug, secure fit
  • Environmentally friendly—can be recycled after use
  • Generous 18″ length provides excellent coverage
  • Elastic Wrist
  • Microporous Fabric
  • Packaging: 100 pairs/case

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