MicroGuard MP®, Microporous Apron, 28″ x 46″, Ties in Back

Sale price$139.20


MicroGuard MP® disposable aprons are produced with state-of-the-art lamination technology and have a microporous film. Soft, non-woven fabric offers breathability while also allowing moisture to escape so you stay cooler throughout long shifts. This apron provides frontal protection along with a superior liquid and particulate barrier. Tie strings fasten in the back to keep them out of the way while you work and secure the apron in place. These handy tie strings also allow you to adjust the apron to better fit your size.

  • Tie strings secure apron
  • Environmentally friendly—can be recycled after use
  • Closure Type Tie
  • Collar / Hood Type Bound
  • Packaging: 100/cs

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