Polywipe Light, Lightweight Clean Processed polyester Knit Wipes, 9”x 9”

Size: 9" * 9"
Sale price$430.00


Polywipe Light Wipes are unlaundered standardweight interlock knit polyester wipes with knife-cut edges that can be used in less critical applications. The durable, no-run interlock knit construction makes it ideal for equipment wipe down and general cleaning. It is available in different sizes and put-ups.

  • Recommended for ISO Class 6-8 environments
  • Knitted 100% polyester fabric for low levels of particles and fibers
  • Soft edge is ideal for use on surfaces which are vulnerable to scratching
  • Cost effective for equipment wipe down and general cleaning
  • Durable no run interlock knit construction which keeps the fabric from unraveling
  • Abrasion and chemical resistant
  • Packaging 9″ x 9″: 150/bag; 12 bags/case
  • Packaging: 12″ x 12″: 100/bag; 10 bags/case

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