PROSAT® Meltblown Polypropylene Wipes Presaturated with 91% IPA and 9% DI water

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Manufactured from meltblown polypropylene these PROSAT® presaturated wipes offer exceptional cleanliness. They are low in nonvolatile residues as well as particles and fibres. The use of presaturated wipes provides maximum process control.

Saturated with a blend of 91% IPA and 9% deionized water these wipes are an excellent choice for general surface cleaning where fast drying times are desired. The use of presaturated wipes reduces VOC emissions and solvent use up to 35% over spraying. The wipes are provided in convenient and easy to use peel and reseal pouches.

  • Recommended for ISO Class 5-8 environments
  • Presaturated with 91% isopropanol and 9% deionized water means its an excellent choice when fast drying times are required
  • Low in nonvolatile residue as well as particles and fibres making it ideal for multiple applications
  • Exceptional cleanliness for critical environments
  • Reduces VOC emissions and solvent use by up to 35%
  • Size: 9″ x 11″
  • Packaging: 30/pouch; 50 pouches/case

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