PROSAT® Sigma™ Wipes Nonwoven Cellulose/Polyester Presaturated 9″ x 11″

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PROSAT® Sigma™ wipes consist of cellulose/polyester hydroentangled wipes saturated with a solution of 70% USP grade isopropanol and 30% deionized water so are ideal for use in life science applications.

Cellulose/polyester wipes are a cost-effective cleanroom wipe, with low levels of particles and fibers. Highly sorbent with good wet strength, the wipes can be used for many general cleaning applications. Ideal for wiping articles prior to pass through, routine cleaning and wipe down of lab tools, instruments and other equipment.

Presaturated wipes ensure consistent saturation of each wipe independent of operator. Presaturated wipes can increase solvent control and accountability as well as reduce VOC emissions. The wipes are provided in convenient and easy to use peel and reseal pouches.

  • Suitable for ISO Class 5-8 environments
  • Nonwoven material which is low in particles and fibers making an excellent general purpose wipes
  • Highly sorbent with good wet strength
  • Presaturated to reduce solvent usage and VOC emissions
  • Packaging: 24/pouch; 50 pouches/case
  • Size: 9″ x 11″
  • Presaturated with 70% IPA and 30% DI water

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