PROSAT® Sterile™, Nonwoven Meltblown Polypropylene Pre-Saturated Wipes

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Contec’s PROSAT® Sterile™ Polypropylene wipes are presaturated with 70% denatured ethanol and 30% deionized water. The meltblown polypropylene wipes provide a consistent release of solvent to thoroughly remove surface contaminants in critical environments. The PROSAT® Sterile™ wipes are exceptionally clean and also free from additives of any kind. This particular meltblown polypropylene contains very low levels of sodium and other ions.

PROSAT Sterile Polypropylene wipes are validated sterile and compatible with Grade A/B or ISO Class 5-8 environments. PROSAT meltblown polypropylene wipes are ideal for wiping articles prior to pass through, cleaning process tools and other equipment and general surface cleaning.

  • Suitable for Grade A/B or ISO Class 5 environments
  • Validated sterile via gamma irradiation
  • Meltblown polypropylene fabric is exceptionally clean and free from additives
  • Especially suitable for the metered release of 70% alcohol
  • Resealable pouch preserves cleanliness and solvent saturation levels
  • Presaturated with 70% denatured ethanol and 30% DI water
  • Packaging:  30 Pieces/bg 50 bags/cs 1500 Total
  • Size: 9 ” x 11″

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