QHT1 Quilted Two-Ply Polyester Wipes, Sealed-Edges (240 GSM)

Sale price$420.00


The QHT1 Wipe is a cleanroom laundered, two-ply, 100% polyester wiper constructed from continuous-filament polyester knitted in a double-knit interlock
pattern. Two-ply construction offers high absorbency capacity coupled with laser cut edges to prevent particle and fiber release.

Popular for use in ISO 3 Class 1, ISO 4 Class 10 and ISO 5 Class 100 Cleanrooms

  • Thermally Sealed-Edges
  • Heavy Weight (240 GSM)
  • ISO Class 3-5 Cleanroom Wipe
  • Ultrasonically Quilted 2-Ply
  • Ideal for spill control & general wiping
  • Quilted two-ply polyester
  • Laser sealed edges ensure low lint and particle levels
  • Unique two-ply construction yields excellent absorbency and wiping efficiency
  • Superior strength allows for rigorous wiping with minimal release of fibers and particles

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