SATwipes®, 100% polyester NonWoven Wipes Presaturated 6″ x 9″

IPA %: 70% IPA
Packaging: 100/roll; 12 rolls/case + 1 canister/case
Sale price$392.00


The SATWIPES® Delta consists of a perforated roll of saturated wipes which are dispensed through a center-pull canister. The wipes consist of 100% nonwoven polyester fabric creating a soft, durable, and clean wipe. The isopropanol solvent blends provide safe cleaning solutions in various concentrations. Packaged with refill packs and a reusable pop-up dispenser, eliminating the need for solvent bottles and reduces solvent handling.

  • Recommended for ISO Class 5-8 environments
  • Presaturated wipe eliminates the need for solvent bottles
  • Reusable dispenser reduces solvent handling
  • Different sizes and wipe quantities available for various customer needs
  • Wiper Size: 6″ x 9″

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