Sterile Frock/Labcoat, Elastic Wrists, Zipper Closure

Size: Small
Sale price$214.00


The sterile lab coats are disposable and designed for use in Grade A (ISO 5/Class 100) areas or as a personal protection garment. Lab coat style frocks are composed of a heavy weight, non-woven, microporous material that is low in particulate shedding and impervious to liquids. The Easy2Gown system was developed to simplify the challenges associated with aseptic gowning. Lab coats have a patented fold that was designed to minimize contact between the operator and the outside of the gown. By presenting the inside of the gown upon opening the packaging, the sterile outside is protected from the transfer of contamination during the gowning process. The user is able to gown with minimal contact to the sterile, outside, portions of the gown. Garments are completely traceable from start to finish and are shipped with lot specific documentation.

  • A 100% bound seam construction for increased durability and reduced particle permeability
  • Zipper front closure
  • Microporous material that is low in particulate shedding and impervious to liquids
  • Tunnelized elastic wrists
  • All of the features enhance operator use and comfort
  • Individually Packed, 30/case

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