TexVantage™ TX8939 Dry Nonwoven Cleanroom Wipers, Non-Sterile

Sale price$350.00


Durable Wiper Ideal for Spill Control, Cleaning, and Solution Application

TexVantage™ TX8939 dry nonwoven cleanroom wipers are made from 40% polyester / 60% cellulose material with a cut edge, and are cleanroom manufactured. These cleanroom wipers are manufactured to provide a wiper suitable for general cleaning and wiping.

Material/Structure: 40% polyester / 60% cellulose material with a cut edge

Cleanroom Environment: ISO Class 5 - 8, Class 100 - 100,000, EU Grade B - D 


  •         Structure allows for a durable wiper ideal for spill control, cleaning, and solution application
  •         Excellent chemical resistance for compatibility with a variety of solutions
  •         Meets USP <797> and USP <800> requirements and is autoclave safe


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