Texwipe ClipperMop Cleanroom Replacement Tether Clips and Screws (Refills)Product

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ITW Texwipe ClipperMop System:
ClipperMop cleanroom mops are designed to use standard 9″ x 9″ and 12″ x 12″ cleanroom wipers, eliminating the need to qualify and inventory additional wipers or mop covers. The ClipperMop system may be used with wet, dry or sterile wipers, and is compatible with protocols for ISO Class 3 to 8 cleanrooms, sterile and aseptic areas. The patent-pending mop head utilizes non-abrasive polyethylene clips to securely fasten one or multiple wipers to the head. The ClipperMop wiper attachment method does not release particles, fibers and dirt. The ClipperMop cleanroom mop includes the Celcon thermoplastic mop head with clips, a flexible polyester pad for better wiping efficiency and an adjustable handle. Each mop has four clips tethered to the mop head with nylon fasteners. The replaceable polyester foam pad ensures that wipers conform to uneven surfaces. The powder-coated steel, telescoping handle extends from 2’5″ to 4’5″. The mop system may be sterilized by gamma irradiation, chemicals, vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) or ethylene oxide (EO).

*These are Replacement Tether Clips and Screws for: TX7102 and TX7103

  • Packaging: 4 Clips and 2 Screws/bg
  • TW Texwipe TX7102C is Replacement Tether Clips and Screws used with ClipperMop cleaning system.

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